Charleston, Downtown , 49 Broad Street, Charleston, SC 29401-3001

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Charleston, Downtown
Thank you for taking time to look into the Broad Street Office of Carolina One Real Estate.

We are located in the heart of Charleston’s historic district. Those of us who work from the Broad Street Office try to never take this beautiful walking city for granted.

Feel free to ask us anything about living in or near the City of Charleston, SC. We are here to help. There is a lot to know about this historic city and we have individuals who know the city and the surrounding areas like the back of their hands.

Our sales associates are highly skilled and they take pride in helping to solve the needs of our clients. What makes us better than many? We always place your needs ahead of our own. We strive to be good listeners and are here to help you make well informed decisions.

We will help you through the entire real estate transaction and beyond. We understand the process completely and will ensure that you too understand what is taking place on your behalf.

We believe that when you choose us, we work as partners toward the same goal, getting you what you want. It is our mission to make you so happy with your decision to hire us that you will shout it from the rooftops!

In addition to the work we do, we strive for some balance by giving back. We have provided wall space to local artists who are not signed with a local gallery. We are involved with a variety of charities, those that are closest to the heart of our office. We have fed the homeless, and clothed those in need. We believe in ‘paying it forward’, and in random acts of kindness.

If you would like more information, never hesitate to call me. In addition, if you are looking for a truly skilled real estate professional, we have them, and we are happy to provide you with references.

Thank you, once again, for stopping in.